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Club Trillion

December 10, 2008

If you ever get tired of reading the daily wit on this webolog, take a spin on this gem:

Life as a walk-on on the basketball team has never been more glamorous. Mark is not only hilarious, he also was a part of what will go down as the greatest AAU team in history (Greg Oden, Mike Conley, Daquan Cook, Josh McRoberts, Eric Gordon, and oh yeah, Mark Titus). Seriously, how did that team ever lose a game?


No power

September 15, 2008

What do you do when your place of employment has no power but just happens to sell all manner of portable lighting?

You strap on a light and sweat while you pretend that you’re supposed to be at work getting nothing done since you have no lights, phones, A/C, or internet. Not that I’m bitter about wasting half a day there or anything.

Killing time

September 15, 2008

I got to work this morning and we had no power. So I get to sit in my car for an hour, call and hear we still have no power and repeat.

I figured this was a good time to download WordPress for my phone and actually post for once.

Here is a typical morning drive to work, waiting for the train to pass. Lovely scenery, eh?

I Do

June 9, 2008

I’ll just start by saying: it’s not who you think.

A little back story: last Saturday I went to Dayton because an old defunct print shop was trying to clear everything out before they sold the building. Among the treasures I rescued was this filing cabinet packed full of all kinds of good stuff.

For the princely sum of $5, I (and the world) get to enjoy everything that was in it. Like wedding invitations from innocent times in the past like this:

Look at that mustache. First class all the way. Folks, it only gets better. Candace and Michael Lee (oh, I’m sure he went by both names) look like a nice swingin’ couple. But I’m afraid they don’t hold a candle to the party that was hosted by Debbie and Howard:

Front of their wedding invitation:

And the actual invite:

I…no, I can’t even begin. It’s too easy. Biker wedding, indeed. I wish I could’ve made this up. I wonder how that marriage is doing these days.

I’ll be posting some more of these gems. There’s 27 more drawers of stuff like this to show you.

Having your Cake

April 14, 2008

Hey Dolly, what happened to the ‘Cake’? I could’ve sworn that the last time I had one of these, roughly 8th grade, this was a three-word treat.

Father knows best

February 25, 2008

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received from my dad:

When something doesn’t work, check to make sure it has gas.

Solves all kinds of problems.

Out with the old, in with the …older

February 21, 2008

Thanks to all of your enthusiastic bidding, selling our press was a rousing success. It was just picked up, starting it’s roundabout Louisiana-Columbus-Kansas City journey. At least it’s going to a good home.

Since we’ve freed up “so much space” by selling a 62-pound tabletop press, we decided to do what any rational, 21st century  people would do: we bought an older, much larger, 1500lb. press. If the moons align and we cheat death, we’ll pull it from one basement and dump it in ours sometime soon.

If anyone wants to participate in what is essentially trying to hand-carry a Volkswagen down wood basement stairs, we pay in all-you-can-eat pizza and pop. You know you want to. Here’s what this hoss looks like:


(photo courtesy of briarpress)

‘ello Cleveland!

February 10, 2008

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I said I’d be posting every day, yada yada. People who are supposed to be busy writing a book are talking smack to us. This book must contain lots of chapters about the happenings of our blog. Can’t wait to read that thriller.*

It’s been weeks since you’ve all been privy to my humor and wit. How you’ve all survived the winter months without the daily musings barfing out of my mind is beyond me. But I’m here and I’m typing like a pro out of a ’60s era steno pool. Here’s what you’ve missed since Ohio State lost its most recent national championship:

-went to see Will Farrell and his band of idiots (and I mean that in a very good way) a few days ago; nearly wet myself

-almost added “piece of thumb” as a secret ingredient to guacamole recipe

– unlocked every car and year on Indy 500 Legends for the Wii

-bought a new battery for the M.E. Focus

See how much you’ve missed?

We’ve also been printing some stuff. I used samples of most of our type to make some cards. If you’re one of the lucky few who needs thanking from me you’ll get to see the punchline on the inside.



Closeup of the back:


Take that, people who aren’t printing in the U.S.A.
And finally, for all you lovers looking for a last-minute Valentine’s gift for your spouse, significant other or life partner, nothing says love like cast iron:

take a look on ebay

We’re close to buying another (#3 for those of you counting at home) press, so we thought it’s time to thin the herd. Hopefully all you tightwads open your purse strings so we can finance the next one. Bid away people! And if anyone wants to lend a hand (or crane) moving the new 1500lb. bundle of joy we’re looking to buy, just holler.

*In all reality, I’m looking forward to said book very much. Hurry up and finish it. If our ramblings provide the white noise that lets the genius pore from mind to keyboard, we’ll keep ramblin’ away.

Two turtle doves

January 6, 2008

So activity has been a little sparse around here lately.  We’re not quite on schedule with a lot of things we want to do.  For example, I finally took pictures of what we made for the ornament swap just in time to pack them away for the year.  We were in an online ornament swap this year where we had to make ornaments by hand and swap them with people around the country.  We decided to make Two Turtle Doves on the press.  We mailed them flat, so if you were one of the lucky few to receive them, sorry about the slight assembly process.  I think they came out pretty good for our rush job on them.




In the event of a snow emergency, only buy the ‘essentials’

December 16, 2007

Since about last Wednesday, the local weather yahoos had whipped themselves into a frenzy telling us about the winter storm due this weekend. Yesterday morning finally brought some legitimacy to a profession whose job was replaced by computers a decade ago. While it was by no means that bad, I ended up skipping the noon OSU basketball game vs. mighty Presbyterian College*.

Instead, I braved four blocks of 5th Ave. to buy “essentials”.

*I’ll give a genuine prize to the first person who actually knows the Presbyterian College mascot. Anyone who Googled the school, attended Saturday’s game, attended PC, or cheats at blog trivia contests in order to win a meaningless prize is not eligible.