Paper cutters rock!


Our new paper cutter arrived today.  Glenn Ave. is seeing all kinds of excitement lately! We got the QCM-1200E, which seems to be the de facto letterpress paper cutter for anyone born after the Summer of Love.


We could’ve gotten an old war horse cutter from the 19th century to match our press, but most of those are in the ‘this sumbitch is heavy!’  category and take up a lot more space.  Plus, we found a factory refurb’d one for half price on Amazon that arrived stylishly in the yellow and red DHL van.

The instructions said to slice through a phone book a few times to clean the anti-rusting grease that was on the blades during shipping.  I’m pretty sure the blade was clean after the 3rd or 4th cut; I ended up with this:


Everything we eat from now on will be sliced so thin you can see through it.  Now I know how Cosmo felt with his meat slicer.

Our new rollers also arrived yesterday.  A few more minor adjustments are needed on Betty, but she’ll be turning tricks before long.

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6 Responses to “Paper cutters rock!”

  1. mom Says:

    let the presses roll!

  2. Stickrod Says:

    Thank God the German post is no longer the top post…that was disturbing.

  3. amandaleavelle Says:

    I have looked into this machine. Where did you get it?

  4. kjrohrer Says:

    i bought it on Amazon as a refurbished model. The company still keeps their gaurantee on the blade, so we figured it was just as good as an original. plus you will save a ton! just search for the model on amazon.

  5. Ken Says:

    I just bought the QCM-8200m at
    It’s a newer model than the 1200. Handles more paper at a time and has a wider base.
    I’m using it everyday…

  6. гей знакомства bluesystem Says:

    и всё эе: бесподобно..

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