Let’s get swappin’



My, how crafty we’ve become.  Apparently the girls who run cakeandpie and freshlyblended held a little holiday ornament swap last year with some of the cool kids who have blogs and such.  I found cakeandpie a few months ago through some letterpress digging, and last Friday saw that the Second Annual ornament swap sign-up was about to close.  Since Kate has too much time on her hands, I naturally signed us up.

Here’s how it works: the 600+ people who signed up this year were placed in groups of 8-10.  Each person makes 10 ornaments and sends them to each person in the group.  The other group members do the same.  In a few weeks you get 10 handmade ornaments from around the country.  The only rule is the ornaments have to be handmade.  Looks like we have some work to do in the next few weeks.  My first thoughts are leaning towards something welded, macaroni macramé (fusilli Mike & Kate?), or something celebrating my Viking heritage (I need to look through my Pilage and Plunder box).

Group 48 (easily the favorite, according to the early line out of Vegas) may or may not consist of people from the following areas:

Brooklyn, NY

Rockwall, TX

Ankeny, IA

Los Angeles, CA

Corvallis, OR

Boulder, CO

Brandford, CT

Evanston, IL

Hartford, MA

And yes, one male.  Shocking, I know.

Sorry about the timing, but the sign-ups are closed.  We’ll be posting pictures of what we makes and what we receive.


2 Responses to “Let’s get swappin’”

  1. farm people Says:

    i see alot of pine cones rolled in peanut butter and bird seed in your future

  2. kjrohrer Says:

    seriously…we haven’t even started anything yet!

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